The role of lymph node ultrasound evaluation in melanoma – review of the literature.

Loredana Ungureanu, Carolina Botar Jid, Elisabeta Candrea, Rodica Cosgarea, Simona Corina Șenilă


Melanoma is an aggressive tumour, resistant to treatment, derived from melanocytes, with an increasing incidence in the last years in the majority of countries. The most important prognostic factor in the initial stages (I/II) is the presence of metastases at the level of lymph nodes. Ultrasound (US) is a non-invasive method, used in the pre- and post-operative node evaluation due to its high availability, the reduced cost and easy reproducibility. TheUSaccuracy is however dependent on operator expertise. The present article proposes a presentation of the US role in the evaluation of lymph nodes in melanoma patients. 


melanoma; ultrasound; lymph node; metastasis

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