Lung artefacts and their use

Christoph F Dietrich, Gebhard Mathis, Michael Blaivas, Giovanni Volpicelli, Armin Seibel, Nathan S Atkinson, Xin Wu Cui, Fan Mei, Dagmar Schreiber-Dietrich, Dong Yi


The science of lung ultrasound has grown tremendously over the last two decades and lung ultrasound has not only entered the mainstream of point of care ultrasound but has become a dominant topic. Understanding lung ultrasound signs and artifacts is critical to being able to correlate findings with actual pathology and normal anatomy and physiology. Investigators have described multiple lung ultrasound artifacts and findings and it is important to understand both the physics and anatomic basis behind them. Additionally, ultrasound machine use and transducer selection can significantly affect results obtained on patient during an examination and the provider must carefully choose the correct settings. This manuscript describes the state of the art in ultrasound artifact recognition and correlation as well as management of ultrasound technology to optimize diagnostic success.


ultrasound; lung; artifacts; pathology; guidelines

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