Primary urethral carcinoma – unexpected cause of urethral stricture. Case report and review of the literature.

Jakub Krukowski, Mateusz Czajkowski, Jakub Kłącz, Olga Wawrzaszek, Martyna Gołębiewska, Marcin Matuszewski


Primary cancer of urethra (PCU) is one of rarest malignancies of the urinary tract. In early stages this type of cancer presents non specific symptoms which can be mistaken with more common urethral strictures. That is why the PCU is frequently recognize in a locally advanced stage. The basic tool used in the diagnosis is MRI, but ultrasonography can be also used at the beginning of diagnosis. We present the case of 66-year old patient with PCU, initially diagnosed due to urethral stricture. We report probably the first case of well documented sonourethrography findings in PCU.


urethral cancer; sonourethrography; ultrasonography; urethral stricture

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